Service Detailed

Publishing Solutions

For publishers wishing to monetize their MENA traffic Dotmena’s media/site presentation model offers Wider sales reach/business development opportunities.

A more cost and time effective business model
Direct access to key decision makers
Maximum ROI media rich solutions and precise targeting
Dedicated account management and client servicing
Preferred status and maximum priority for your brand due to our highly selective partnership model which comprises established, respected and accountable media only.
Clarity, not clutter
Extension of your sales reach with the industry’s leading digital sales force
Cost saving of training and managing a sales force
Access to top advertisers and agencies
Higher yields from leveraging accurate and extensive targeting functionalities and rich media solutions.
Being a selective network means your media is strategically positioned to engage with current and perspective clients and consumers, therefore there is no clutter-just clarity
Benefits of being part of Dotmena include:
Real time customer service –
Membership of a highly effective network
Increment marketing opportunities for sites through print and digital
Leverage mutually beneficial reciprocal marketing agreements