What we offer


We deliver:

Premium Media – we sell a global portfolio of the region’s best known and most respected websites, and offer the facility/affording brands/advertiser full/open access to new media owners/publishers in any world market on behalf of a client or agency.

Campaign Management – managing complex online campaigns across borders, using industry-standard tools.

Technology and Creativity – through partnerships with market-leading rich media innovators we deliver creativity and deep consumer engagement

Why Dotmena
  • Selective Brand campaigns
  • Premium ad placements
  • 100% transparent and totally open publisher network
  • Rigorous site selection process
  • In-house resources: Editorial, Creative, and Technical Services teams
  • Reach consumers in new, engaging, and targeted ways
ROI Deliverables

As the internet usage across the region continues to rise so does a client’s online advertising budget.
Profitable ROI is generated through genuine and sustainable consumer engagement. To achieve this it is vital to identity the desired consumer segment and to present it with relevant content via the most appropriate media. As your media partner Dotmena facilities and activates these crucial elements to ensure maximum ROI.

Digital Services

We offer interactive media services from creating and executing websites to out of the box ideas and special executions to support Agencies and/or your in-house team.

We offer direct marketing services to support Agencies and/or in-house team such as Email shots & Newsletters targeting the right audience depending on your brand’s needs.

Ad Specs/Operations

EDMs Specs


We offer:

A genuinely regional network spanning Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Beirut, Tunis and Algiers.
A highly experienced, supremely effective business development team
Full transparency, full accountability
Long established relationships with clients and advertisers
Detailed sales and evaluation reports
Maximum exposure and stand out for brands

Publishing Solutions

For publishers wishing to monetize their MENA traffic Dotmena’s media/site presentation model offers Wider sales reach/business development opportunities.

Why Dotmena

Quality of Service
Experience & Reputation
We promise and we deliver
Local presence, Availability, and languages
we take care of …